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Lola Brooke is an American rapper, songwriter, and musician. She is one of the up-rising celebrities in the American rap industry. As a result, people are curious to know “Lola Brooke Net Worth in 2023.”

In this article, you will get information about Lola Brooke’s total assets and some interesting information about the lady rapper. Keep on reading.

What is Lola Brooke’s net worth?

As of 2023, Lola Brooke has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

She mainly makes money from her rapping career. Lola gets paid a handsome amount for each of her songs. That is why, she is able to make a hefty net worth within a short time from her music career.

Lola Brooke’s net worth growth

As Lola Brooke is a growing music artist, her net worth is also growing at a rapid rate. Let’s see her net worth growth in the following table:

Year Net Worth
2020 Approximately $500k
2021 Approximately $650k
2022 Approximately $800k
2023 Approximately $1 million

Lola Brooke’s total assets are increasing every year. She is getting commercial success due to her talent and rapping style in the United States.

What is Lola Brooke’s salary?

Lola Brooke’s annual salary is roughly between $100k and $300k in 2023.

That means she makes more than $10k per month now. Although her primary earning source is music sales, she also makes money from live performances, royalties, sponsorships, and YouTube.

Lola has more than 200k subscribers on her official YouTube channel. She has made hundreds of dollars from her YouTube channel by getting millions of views.  

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Fact about Lola Brooke

The real name of Lola Brooke is Shyniece Thomas. I tried to provide some more interesting facts about Lola Brooke below in this article.

Lola Brooke’s early life

Lola Brooke was raised as well as born in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She is raised by her mother in her hometown. As far as I know, she has not any siblings.

Her father passed away when she was a child. Lola Brooke has been writing music since she was 8 years old. She received a well-rounded education from a renowned institution in New York.

Although Lola holds American nationality, she has a mixed ethnicity. Her mother is Mexican while her father was an African- American citizen.

Lola Brooke’s career

Lola Brooke started her music career in 2016. Her cousin played a vital role in her music career. Brooke has an interest in music since her childhood.

In 2016, Lola signed a contract with Team80 and released her first music video titled “2017 Flow.” This music video paved the path to Lola’s music career.

She released multiple hit singles in 7 years of her music career. Such as,

  • Bipolar – released in 2018
  • Cash Out – released in 2019
  • My Bop – released in 2020
  • Don’t Play with It – released in 2021
  • Gator Season – released in 2022
  • So Disrespectful – released in 2023

Lola worked at a shelter as a residential aid. But she left her job in 2017 due to her music career. Surprisingly! She is nominated for BET Awards 2023.

Lola Brooke’s nationality & religion

Lola Brooke is an American citizen. In addition, she is Christian.

Lola Brooke’s height

The height of Lola Brooke is 5 feet 3 inches or 1.60 meters.

Lola Brooke’s weight

Currently, Lola Brooke is about 53 kg or 117 IBS.

Lola Brooke’s age

Lola’s age could be around 30 years.

I cannot give you the proper information about Lola’s birth date. Because there is no exact information about her birth year on the internet.

Lola Brooke’s marital status

Currently, Lola Brooke is unmarried. In addition, she has no boyfriend at this moment.

However, she did not reveal any information about her relationships and dating story.

Lola Brooke kids

Lola Brooke has no kid.

She has no boyfriend or dating partner as well.

Lola Brooke’s net worth

Lola Brooke’s net worth is approximately $1 million.

Who inspired Lola Brooke?

Lola Brooke is inspired by some popular music artists including,

  • Meek Mill
  • Lil Wayne
  • 50 Cent
  • Foxy Brown
  • Lil’ Kim

Lola brings her rapping lyrics by getting inspiration from these rappers. Besides, she considered herself by the nickname “Big Gator.”

What is Lola Brooke doing now?

Now Lola Brooke is spending a busy time with her music career. She is striving to make a new music video.

Recently, Lola Brooke signed a contract with Arista Records.  She was an opening act on the “Me V. Myself Tour” of Artist Julius Dubose. 

On the other hand, she appeared on an episode of the East New York series on CBS. Last month Lola Brooke was selected as the 2023 XXL Freshmen Class.

How did Lola Brooke get famous?

Lola Brooke got famous for her breakout single “Don’t Play with It.” The single became famous within a couple of days and got multi-million views. Besides, it is certified RIAA Gold.

After releasing this song in 2021, she got enormous popularity in the American rap industry. It helps to take her music career to the next level.

Lola Brooke has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. On the other hand, she has nearly 800k followers on TikTok. However, her popularity is increasing day by day.

Who is Lola Brooke signed to?

Lola Brooke signed with Arista Record in January 2023. It is an American record label that is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.

She has done this record deal in partnership with Team 80 Production. Lola Brooke officially shared about the record deal on her Instagram account.





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